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The Glitter Bow Hair Clip - various
The Glitter Bow Hair Clip - various
The Glitter Bow Hair Clip - various

The Glitter Bow Hair Clip - various

Paws Claws bells & whistles
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You will look awfy braw wearing “bells & whistles”


"The Braw Hair Bow"



Gorgeous chunky glitters, amazing colours...so fabulous

 Gorgeous Bows mounted onto alligator clips, made for humans but I know a few dogs who love to rock these as ear bows 

2 clips included

   Match your dog, co-ordinating collar swag available. More accessories, including our fantastic lug stud (earring) collection, also available 


Bow Size

2.5 inch


 This is a handmade item.

 Email or Whats App Chat available


Care Guide

Faux Leather: A gentle surface clean with slightly warm water, a soft non abrasive cloth and cleanser e.g washing up liquid

Glitter: Gently dry brush any dirt off. If needed use cold water only with non abrasive cleanser and submerge. Very gently brush to remove dirt without dislodging glitter.


Think Safety

This is a fun decorative item, please ensure it is suitable for your dog and use safely, please ensure your dog is supervised whilst wearing this or any other accessory.  Check for signs of wear and tear


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